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"Daniel Silvernail is an excellent architect. He is a pleasure to work with. He works well with interior designer and contractor returning phone calls in a timely fashion. He advises you as a client when to get things done within the city, for example water and gas paperwork as to not delay the project. He works in a timely fashion and meets deadlines. When my project is complete I will share photos. You won’t be disappointed."

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"Daniel and his Team provided us with the process and the formality we were looking for. With plenty of ideas and discussions at each iteration, we felt in control of the project and were able to achieve our project at the high level of detail we desired before starting construction."

Tami Tracey,
Felton, CA

“I’m very happy with the look and functionality of my home. It’s simple yet elegant - people often comment on how great it is! When I added the second story I was concerned that it look natural and unimposing from the outside, and Daniel achieved this perfectly. Interior design touches like curved walls at corners are a good touch that I wouldn’t have thought of."

Mark Segal.,
Santa Cruz, CA

“I have worked with Daniel Silvernail on a variety of public and private sector building projects since 1990, most recently a new campus headquarters for the San Lorenzo Valley Water District. Daniel's creative thinking, ability to keep the whole vision in focus while attending to the details are invaluable assets to the success of his projects. His knowledge and experience continue to grow and his talent for design is more refined than ever. I look forward to working with Daniel on many more projects in the future!”

Mark Mesiti-Miller, President,
Mesiti-Miller Engineering, Inc.,
Santa Cruz, CA


“Not only is Dan an excellent architect that can design wonderful and efficient structures, he is one of those extremely rare architects that embraces and excels in the critical role of project manager. Dan knows how to keep a team of consultants organized and accomplish objectives on time and on budget. His deft ability to navigate the regulatory permitting process is phenomenal. His level of detail, organization and calm, confident control is unmatched in my experience. If you want to be sure to avoid painful, costly surprises then Silvernail is the right choice. Plus he is a pleasure to work with and always has a smile.”

Andrew Brownstone, Owner,
BioSphere Consulting, Inc.,
Santa Cruz, CA

“Daniel Silvernail is very creative, innovative, detailed and avant garde in his designs of buildings, homes, remodels, art work and music. The commitment and dedication he has with his work and projects is exceptional.”

Carola Cuenca, N.D.,H.M.C., Owner,
Bionatura Health,
Santa Cruz, CA

“I brought Daniel rough ideas for my house. A bridge from the main house to the master bedroom, a bedroom over the driveway, a tower at the front entry, all done in a contemporary Spanish style. His design fitted perfectly with what I envisioned. "

Patrick Echelbarger, President,
Howland and Echelbarger Construction,
Santa Cruz, CA

“My experience with Daniel is through the California Straw Building Association, where he has served on the CASBA Advisory Board, edited the CASBA newsletter, and helped with workshops and other events. I have found Daniel to be highly knowledgeable about good design, details, straw bale construction, and more. And, beyond all that, Daniel is good company and possessed of a kind and generous spirit.”

David Eisenberg, Executive Director,
Development Center for Appropriate Technology,
Tucson, AZ

“Daniel Silvernail is a detailed and consistent architect that provides excellent service to his clients. Mr. Silvernail also as deep knowledge of the industry and product and services available. Highly recommended.”

Vivian Gunnerengen, Owner,
Interior Lighting and Design,
Capitola, CA

“Dan is good at responding to what the client wants and delivering an excellent design.”

Carl Hensler, Homeowner,
Corralitos, CA

“Daniel is an innovative, versatile designer. In addition to aesthetic considerations, he is well versed in the engineering aspects of design and is current on the most recent applications of energy efficiency in building and site development. Daniel is also very familiar with the intricacies of the permit approval process throughout Santa Cruz County and can help ensure the successful completion of a development project. I heartily endorse Daniel as an outstanding Architect and Project Manager.”

Keith Higgins, Owner,
Higgins Associates Civil & Traffic Engineers
Gilroy, CA

“We at Ifland Engineers had the pleasure of working with Daniel on quite a challenging project during which we both felt our client was forced to implement measures that were not warranted. Through difficult discussions with local agency staff Daniel remained calm, professional and dedicated to representing our client without making agency staff feel as though they were being attacked. I was impressed by his ability to make his points without burning any bridges.”

Jon Ifland, Owner,
Ifland Engineers, Inc.,
Soquel, CA

“I hired Daniel for a TI buildout on my commercial strip center in Soquel. I found his work timely and appropriate for the job. In addition to his architectural skills, Daniel is also a master at navigating the permit process with the County, which included taking things to the next level of government when we did not get the proper treatment at the hands of the administrators and inspectors. He fought for my cause as if it were his own, and in the end his tireless efforts on my behalf saved me from paying thousands of dollars in junk permit fees. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking someone with experience to take the helm on their project.”

Datta Khalsa, Broker/Owner,
Main Street Realtors,
Soquel CA

“Dan was just what we needed to complete our remodel. We already had a vision of what we wanted to do and Dan guided us through the process and helped us create that vision into reality! We enjoyed working with Dan and are looking forward to working with him on our next project!”

Blair & Sandy Mandell
Scotts Valley, CA

“Daniel and I have worked together on several projects. His professionalism and attention to detail make working with Daniel a pleasure.”

Jeff Roper, R.G.E., P.L.S., Owner,
Roper Engineering,
Watsonville, CA

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