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Linda Vista House,
LaSelva Beach, CA

This complete remodeling of a 1970 vintage house results in a thorough redesign of both interior and exterior spaces that share an enhanced relationship to the spectacular site which overlooks Monterey Bay to the south and the Santa Cruz mountains to the north.

The clients required a weekend home for their extended family that could also serve as a retreat for the owner's corporate meetings. The house is conceived with this duality in mind and attempts to balance private, intimate spaces on the one hand with the need for larger gathering places for social and business events on the other. Universal design principles were honored throughout the design for both family members and guests.

The actual building and site are limited in size but are designed in concert as a series of interrelated interior and exterior rooms to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. The entry court and fountain set the stage for grassy lawns and decks on either side of the longitudinal structure that culminate in a second fountain on the southern tip of the site with its terraced space and canopied trees overlooking the bay.

Materials and finish choices are compatible with both practical needs and aesthetic concerns. A sand colored quartzite stone covers the 150 foot long stone wall which runs through the entire site and unites the main house with a smaller garage and bedroom unit to the north. The interiors include custom trim detailing along with specially designed stainless steel brackets and handrails.

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