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Stusic Music Studio Stusic Music Studio
Stusic Music Studio
Stusic Music Studio
Stusic Music Studio Stusic Music Studio Stusic Music Studio Stusic Music Studio



Stusic Studio

A recording studio is a specialized facility for sound recording, mixing, and audio production of instrumental and vocal musical performances. Stusic Studio was specifically designed to achieve optimum acoustical properties within an optimized space.

Programmatically, Stusic Studio includes a reception area, acoustically isolated control room, and carefully-considered recording space.

In order to arrest the possibility of sounds reflecting between interior surfaces, the first order of business was to organize the space so as to be asymmetrical and thus unable to propagate reflective sounds.

After that, a high degree of acoustical control within the envelope system was necessary. Acoustical control within envelope systems relies on two parts, utilization of dense materials to absorb a partial spectrum of errant noise, and utilization of soft materials to absorb the remaining spectrum of errant noise. In the case of a recording studio, errant noise manifests from two sources, intrusion from external sources and unwanted propagation within the space from internal sources.

Acoustical systems therefor utilized a double-shelled wall and ceiling envelope, with each shell physically isolated to in order to prevent acoustical transmission between them.

Within the space, brightly colored wall and ceiling-mounted acoustical pillows further contribute to acoustical control.

Acoustical engineering for Stusic Studio was provided by internationally recognized acoustical consultant John H. Brandt, J.H.Brandt Acoustic Designs, Bekasi West Java, Indonesia.

The architect benefitted from the mentorship of Peter Clegg, R.I.B.A., designer of Peter Gabriel’s sound studio in Bath, England. Mr. Clegg’s approach was highly influential in guiding the architect’s thinking as to optimal solutions.

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